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Understanding the False Claims Act

Companies defraud the government by submitting false claims to different government agencies every year, causing the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. In order to combat the problem of fraudulent claims, Congress passed the False Claims Act shortly after the Civil War.

Qui tam actions and whistleblowers

Whistleblowers in Connecticut and the rest of the country can file qui tam actions against an employer if their employers have committed acts of fraud against the government. The reluctance many employees may feel to provide information about acts of fraud tends to hinge on the fear of retaliation that the employers may take against them. However, as whistleblowers, these employees are afforded some legal protections.

Whistleblower protection for railroad workers

There are a number of specific government regulations that work to protect whistleblowing workers in New York and Connecticut from retaliation, especially in industries like airlines, subways, trucking, financial or environmental management. For example, for people who work in the subway, the National Transit Systems Security Act provides protection for whistleblowers. The same is true for merchant marine seamen, who receive protection under the Seaman's Protection Act or railway workers, protected by the Federal Rail Safety Act . Because of the importance of these systems for the safety of the public, it is especially important that whistleblowers who highlight dangers are shielded from retaliation.

Are you thinking about blowing the whistle on the misuse of government monies?

Are you thinking about blowing the whistle on the misuse of government monies? Be aware the U.S. Department of Justice is changing the way it handles False Claim Act qui tam cases. Here is an article quoting me on that change:

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