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Protecting Whistleblowers From Retaliation

Are you the victim of retaliation at work? Employees who blow the whistle on unsafe conduct or conditions can suffer retaliation as a result. But there are two dozen federal statutes protecting whistleblowers in various industries, including on railroads, subways, airlines, and the merchant marine. I have taken a lead in prosecuting employers who retaliate against workers who engage in the activities protected by such federal statutes. But there is a short 180 day window for filing whistleblower complaints, so give me a call as soon as your employer begins to retaliate.

Do you know about the fraudulent use of federal funds? Have information on the waste of governmental monies? The False Claims Act is a federal law that allows you to confidentially disclose such information to the federal government, and in return receive a generous bounty. The purpose of the FCA is to punish the dishonest use of governmental monies and thus deter others from defrauding taxpayers. The FCA imposes triple damages and fines against the defrauding party, and entitles the whistleblower relator to receive up 30% of the total.

However, FCA cases are fraught with hurdles and pitfalls. They can only be brought by an attorney on behalf of a whistleblower. Only the first relator to file can recover a bounty. The complaint must be filed under seal. And any public disclosure or breach of the seal can be fatal to a relator's case. So if you have concrete information showing the misuse of federal or state monies, do not go public until you contact me to ensure you follow the special procedures of the FCA. Any discussion will be kept confidential, and any resulting FCA complaint will be filed under seal. For helping protect taxpayer dollars, you may receive a multimillion dollar bounty.

Protecting Injured Workers and Prosecuting Whistleblower Retaliation

Did a railroad injure you? If so, you have a staunch supporter at Charles Goetsch Law Offices LLC, in New Haven. I have been recognized as one of the nation's pre-eminent names in litigation related to railroad workers' rights under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) and the Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA). Railroad workers, rail union representatives, whistleblower investigators, and lawyers turn to my Train Law Blog and Rail Whistleblower Resources to gather the latest information on developments in railroad whistleblower rights and rail safety issues.

Protecting The Rights Of Railroad Workers In The Northeast and Nationwide

Because I take my services to the next level beyond railroad workers' FELA rail injury claims, my law firm is different from other firms protecting the rights of railroad workers in the Northeastern U.S. and across the nation. I also focus on helping railroad workers who have suffered the indignity of retaliation by their employers by enforcing their rights under the FRSA. So if you were fired, suspended, denied promotion, or otherwise disciplined because you reported an injury or a safety concern, or because you followed the orders of your treating doctor, I am here to help.

From offices in New Haven, Charles Goetsch Law Offices LLC provides legal representation for railroad workers in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and states throughout the Northeastern U.S. and across the nation.

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I offer a free consultation and handle all  litigation cases on a contingency-fee basis. My firm will advance the cost of investigating, preparing and settling or trying your case. You pay only a percentage of the monetary damages you collect in a settlement or jury verdict. If you do not collect money damages, you pay no attorneys' fees.

You are protected against retaliation by federal law. I make sure your employer doesn't violate your rights.

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