Protecting Whistleblowers & The Injured

Reporting False Medicare And Medicaid Claims

Any claim paid by Medicare or Medicaid must comply with certain strict conditions of payment, and any claim that does not comply with those conditions is a false claim. Typical Medicare false claims involve upcoding or billing for services that are unnecessary or not done.

Many false claims cases concern such Medicare or Medicaid payments to doctors, hospitals, other medical providers and pharmaceutical companies. The government counts on people with knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid fraud to share what they know to ensure the proper use of taxpayer money.

The government encourages such cooperation by paying relators a bounty of 15% to 25% of the amounts recovered. Here is a link to an example of a Medicare fraud False Claims Act case.

Only an experienced health care fraud attorney can help you report Medicare or Medicaid fraud. Charles Goetsch Law Offices LLC can give you the support you need to report such fraudulent practices.

Medicare Fraud Whistleblowers Are Protected

You may hesitate to come forward when you suspect your employer is engaged in health care fraud. You may understandably worry about putting your career at risk, but know that the False Claims Act protects you from retaliatory acts, up to and including termination.

However, it is essential to have an advocate who understands both Medicare fraud claims and the protections available for whistleblowers. If you suspect your employer of health care false claims, call me right away to discuss how best to protect your rights.

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