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Do you work on a big transportation construction project?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018 | Amtrak

Do you work on a big transportation construction project? Ever wonder what to do about the misuse of federal dollars? Be aware that in order to receive federal monies for transportation infrastructure projects, a construction company or a railroad must certify strict compliance with a list of conditions and requirements. Failure to comply with those requirements results in a false claim with exposure to treble damages.

We all know transportation projects using federal monies are ripe for fraud, and Amtrak’s projects are no exception. Every year Amtrak receives billions of federal taxpayer dollars for its operating and capital budgets. It does so by certifying compliance with DOT Grant Agreements that mandate various requirements. An example is a “Buy America” provision requiring the use of American-made steel. Here is a recent article about U.S. Senator Bob Casey asking Amtrak to investigate the use of foreign steel for a station project in Pennsylvania:

If true, that is a classic example of non-compliance that could serve as the basis for a False Claims Act claim. Any manager or worker with knowledge of such non-compliance should make a confidential call to an experienced qui tam attorney. The payoff could be life changing.”

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