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FELA: How does comparative negligence work?

The railroad industry is inherently dangerous; employees face a higher rate of injury than employees in most other industries in America. You have probably heard of the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) which provides financial support for injured railroad employees, but do you fully understand how it works?

Cost of safety system for NJ Transit may rise

Amtrak officials say New York tracks may be off limits to NJ Transit commuter trains following a costly and delayed safety system installation. The safety system, which is designed to stop a train operated by a driver who does not obey speed limits or signals, has already cost $320 million and may cost at least $12 million more. Known as Positive Train Control, the system might have prevented a 2016 accident that left one woman dead and over 100 injured when a speeding train hit Hoboken Terminal.

Metro-North worker files suit, says he was fired after injury

A former employee of Metro-North Railroad has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the company and his union for wrongful termination. The track foreman claims that he was fired after being injured, and the story should be of interest to railroad workers in New York and Connecticut.

About qui tam awards

Connecticut residents who initiate qui tam, or whistleblower, actions may be entitled to a portion of any monetary judgments that are issued. Parties who have been deemed liable according to the False Claims Act are required to pay the federal government triple the monetary damages amount that the government sustained in addition to a penalty. Defendants who were fully cooperative with the investigation conducted by the government and submitted all pertinent information regarding the wrongdoing no later than 30 days of being informed about the wrongdoing will have to pay only two times the amount of damages that were sustained.

The fate of whistleblowers

Many people living in New York, Connecticut and Washington, D.C., have become aware of wrongdoing in their workplaces. These individuals often struggle with how to handle this knowledge. Unfortunately, even well-intended people can lose their jobs and, in some cases, their professional reputations after becoming whistleblowers.

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