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What damages can I seek in a FELA claim?

The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) works to protect federal railroad workers if they experience injuries while working. Different from filing workers’ compensation claims, FELA claims let workers obtain more extensive damages for their workplace injuries.

Injured railroad worker's case will proceed to trial

Railroad workers in New York face many hazards while on the job. However, they understandably expect their employers to mitigate these risks by strictly enforcing regulations laid down by federal workplace safety laws. This is what led a switchman employed by the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad to file a lawsuit against his employer after he was struck and injured by a locomotive while moving railroad cars in March 2017. A federal judge ruled on Aug. 9 that the case could proceed to trial.

Train systems likely to meet safety deadlines, experts say

According to the American Public Transportation Association, it is likely that the Dec. 31 deadline for installing elements of Positive Train Control safety features will be met. PTC is designed to improve commuter railway safety in New York and throughout the country.

What is the National Transit Systems Security Act?

Railroad workers in New York are protected under the National Transit Systems Security Act when they report conduct by their employers that they reasonably believe violate safety laws. They are also protected when they report their employers for committing fraud against the government.

How to act as a whistleblower

Companies in Connecticut have an obligation to adhere to local, state and federal regulations. If a business is acting in an illegal manner, an employee may choose to speak out about that behavior. In some cases, a person may choose to speak out about the behavior of a specific person within an organization. This is referred to as being a whistleblower.

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