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FELA claims: an overview

Connecticut railroad workers may be familiar with the Federal Employers Liability Act. Passed in 1908, it continues to provide compensation for injured railroad workers and for the families of those workers killed on the job. This is regardless of whether the employees' primary duties are performed in or around trains.

Industrial worker struck and killed by rail car

New York residents may have heard that on the morning of Nov. 18, an employee with the industrial company Lafarge Canada was struck by a rail car in Seattle's Industrial District and, despite the efforts of co-workers and medics, died from his injuries. It is the sort of case that could lead to a claim under the Federal Employers' Liability Act.

Railway whistleblowers can take action on fraud

Railroad workers in Connecticut may uncover evidence that the companies they work for are actually defrauding the government with false expense claims, bogus charges or bills for work that was never performed. While this information can be disturbing, employees can also act to help the government recover money while obtaining a part of the proceeds of the claim themselves. Called a qui tam action, this kind of lawsuit is filed by a whistleblower in the railroad or another industry to put a stop to fraud and recover the money that was illegitimately obtained.

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