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Workplace negligence resulted in injuries, railroad worker claims

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Fela Claims

Workplace safety advocates in Connecticut may be interested to learn that a utility worker filed a lawsuit on April 26 against a railroad corporation after she suffered injuries. According to the complaint, the worker’s injuries resulted from negligence by failing to provide the company’s employees with a reasonably safe place to work under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act.

The worker reportedly suffered severe and permanent injuries in November of 2015 when working for CSX Transportation Inc. The injuries were allegedly caused by multiple 4,000-pound wheels that were chocked too lightly. As a result, she said that she had to manually roll each wheel set up an incline so that the chocks could be removed.

According to the lawsuit, the employee accused the company of failing to provide the proper equipment that would allow workers to complete their work tasks safely. Additionally, she said the work areas were not properly maintained. The employee is seeking a jury trial and judgment that would provide adequate compensation for her injuries in addition to damages.

Working in the railroad industry is unique in that it is not governed by state workers’ compensation laws. Instead, those who suffer railroad injuries may seek benefits under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act. FELA claims can be filed if an employee suffers any traumatic injury when working for a railroad. These types of injuries may include burns, back injuries, toxic injuries and head trauma. In some cases, employees may be eligible to seek past and future wage loss, compensation for mental distress and compensation for physical suffering as long as the injuries were caused by negligence. An attorney may search for evidence that proves that the railroad company caused the employee’s injuries as a direct result of negligence.

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