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Connecticut residents who initiate qui tam, or whistleblower, actions may be entitled to a portion of any monetary judgments that are issued. Parties who have been deemed liable according to the False Claims Act are required to pay the federal government triple the monetary damages amount that the government sustained in addition to a penalty. Defendants who were fully cooperative with the investigation conducted by the government and submitted all pertinent information regarding the wrongdoing no later than 30 days of being informed about the wrongdoing will have to pay only two times the amount of damages that were sustained.

Defendants who are found liable in qui tam actions will also have to pay a penalty for every false claim that was submitted. The penalty, which is determined by the court, will range from $5,000 to $10,000 for each claim and has to be paid in addition any damages awarded.

Under the False Claims Act, there exists a financial incentive for filing a qui tam action. The individuals responsible for initiating a qui tam suit that is a success will receive a percentage of the damage and penalty award. Their portion will be no more than 10 percent of the award in cases in which the suit was pursued by the government and information released in a public report or testimony formed the basis of the action. Their portion will be between 15 percent and 25 percent if the government participated in the action.

An attorney who handles qui tam legal cases can advise whistleblower workers of their legal options and protections. Legal counsel could work to ensure that the rights of the whistleblower are protected if monetary damages are awarded.

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