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What damages can I seek in a FELA claim?

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The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) works to protect federal railroad workers if they experience injuries while working. Different from filing workers’ compensation claims, FELA claims let workers obtain more extensive damages for their workplace injuries.

FELA claims involve many moving parts, but if your federal company acted negligently, you may not prove responsible for your inflicted physical or emotional trauma. In any FELA cause, to seek accurate damages, you want to hire an experienced FELA attorney to aid in developing your case. Ensuring that you receive the correct compensation involves identifying your company’s negligence, but if determined, you may prove eligible for extensive damage payments.

Seeking specific damages in through FELA

The United States works diligently to protect government workers. If you face injury while working on the railroad, a judge will quantify your injury payout and award you damages.

According to law, you can collect damages by bringing forward evidence to court. Only substantive evidence may prove eligible for compensation in FELA cases. The court allows you to secure damages for the following losses and injuries.

  1. The value of medical care and supplies that you need and will need going forward
  2. The loss and future loss of your:
  • Wages
  • Salary
  • Fringe benefits
  • Profits
  • Earning capacity
  • The value of your household services that you can no longer complete
  • The amount of physical and mental pain and suffering that you experience now and will in the future
    • A court will determine the exact amount of money to pay you for your pain and suffering. No exact standard exists, but the court may look at the emotional toll that your injury has on your life and activates, among other factors.

    If you suffer from injuries related to your work on the railroad, you want to speak with an attorney that fights quickly and accurately for your right to compensation. No railroad employee should suffer significant loss after an injury, so filing a FELA claim may aid you in obtaining monetary compensation.

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