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Injured railroad worker seeks compensation

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Fela Claims

Residents of Connecticut, New York and Washington, D.C., who are concerned about workplace injuries should be aware of a rail yard accident that occurred in Texas. A carman who was hurt on the job alleges that his injury occurred due to hazardous conditions at the rail yard. Citing negligence, the suit was filed against Union Pacific Railroad Co. in the Jefferson County District Court on Oct. 18.

The complaint states that the plaintiff was working for Union Pacific Railroad Co. when he was injured by a chunk of rail tile that went through the floor of his vehicle. The incident caused the plaintiff to be ejected from his vehicle, causing allegedly significant injuries. The plaintiff claims he would not have been injured if the rail yard had been a safe place to work. Specifically, he stated that inadequate lighting was to blame for his failure to notice the loose debris. The plaintiff also claims that the rail yard should have been free of debris and other safety hazards in the first place. The plaintiff states that if the debris had not been in the path of his vehicle, he would not have run it over.

The plaintiff has requested a trial by jury and seeks compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages related to the accident. The monetary relief he seeks exceeds $1 million.

Employers who do not promote a safe work environment may face legal action if employees are hurt on the job. Injured persons should consider obtaining legal representation with experience in workplace safety and FELA claims. A workplace injury may lead to compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages if the employer is found at fault for the accident.

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