Protecting Whistleblowers & The Injured

Protection available under qui tam laws

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Railroad workers play a pivotal role in keeping our nation’s railways safe and efficient. However, the nature of their work may expose them to unlawful situations or problematic issues with their employers.

To ensure the integrity of the railroad industry, qui tam laws provide important safeguards. Qui tam laws empower individuals to report fraudulent activities that harm the government or public interest. One key aspect of these laws is the protection they offer to railroad workers who report such misconduct.


These laws shield whistleblowers from retaliation, ensuring they can report violations without fear of losing their jobs or facing other adverse consequences. This protection helps workers feel safe to report issues and get help. They also have plenty of avenues for assistance should their employer do something retaliatory that will provide even further protection for them.


Qui tam laws also provide broader protection to everyone working in the industry. Reports help to deter fraudulent activities that companies or individuals may try to carry out. Exposing misconduct acts as a powerful deterrent. The process encourages railroad companies and others to comply with safety regulations and ethical standards.

Qui tam laws do not just protect individuals. They also incentivize them to come forward by offering them a share of any monetary recovery resulting from their reports, which can be a big motivator to help the government catch illegal activities. By encouraging whistleblowers to come forward, qui tam laws help maintain the safety and integrity of the railroad industry.

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