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2 things to do after a railroad injury

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Railroad employees work in hazardous conditions all of the time, which makes them prone to sustaining injuries while on the job. Because of this, the government created the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) to make sure workers injured while working on the railroad are compensated fairly.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), there were nearly 2,000 incidents in 2018 where individuals were injured or killed on the job. If you are injured while working, what two things should you do right away?

Report the injury

It is crucial to report your injury right after it occurs, no matter the severity. Making sure that you go into detail on how the injury occurred, as accurately as possible, can be beneficial to your case.

Go to the doctor

If you sustain an injury that occurred while at work, seeking medical attention should be a priority. It does not matter if the injury is a small sprain or a nasty cut. Making sure a doctor evaluates your wound is essential in making sure that you receive adequate compensation. If you wait to see a doctor, the injury could end up being more severe than it originally was, which can make your life more painful. Waiting to go to the doctor may create doubt as to whether compensation is necessary, or possibly decrease the compensation one is able to receive.

Suffering an injury while working can be traumatic, which is why it is important to get the medical attention you need as well as the compensation required to pay for it.

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