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Why should you pursue compensation after a railroad accident?

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Working on a railroad often requires strength, endurance and caution. But even when you’re following protocol, accidents can still happen. Luckily, the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) protects you in the event of a workplace injury caused by your employer’s negligence. There are several reasons why you should pursue a FELA claim after receiving an injury on the job.


Hold employers accountable

When you file a FELA claim, you must be able to prove that your employer acted with negligence and that their negligence directly caused your injury. While this can sometimes be a feat to achieve, it is a necessary action to take. If you don’t file a claim, your employer’s negligent behavior may go unchecked. This can continue to put other workers at risk of injury on the job.

An accident can put you out of the job

A serious injury can keep you from coming in to work and performing your job. And when you can’t come into work, you start to lose wages that you depend on to support yourself and your family. Filling a FELA claim can get you compensation to make up for the wages that you have lost while recovering outside of work.

Some injuries call for extensive medical treatment

Even for something as minor as a broken bone, a medical bill for your doctor’s visit can be costly. Not to mention, your injury might require surgical operations, ongoing therapy treatments, prescription medication and travel expenses. Filing a FELA claim can help you get the benefits you need to cover these expensive costs.

An injury can change your mental well-being

Sometimes a railroad injury can affect more than just your body. Whether your injury is permanent or temporary, it can drastically change your life by making every day tasks more difficult. This can take a major toll on your mental and emotional health. It can often cause depression and anxiety. You may even feel like your quality of life has taken a hit. Luckily, FELA can sometimes compensate for mental pain and suffering as well as physical pain and suffering.

Don’t hesitate to fight for compensation

No matter your role in the railroad industry, working on a railroad can be dangerous. If your employer slips up, they place your health and well-being on the line. Building a strong case for yourself and filing a FELA claim can help your  rights as a railroad employee.

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