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Hurt working on the railroad? Here’s how a claim works

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Fela Claims

When you were working near the tracks, you didn’t expect any kind of injury. The day was nice, and your team knew you were performing maintenance.

You actually ended up getting hurt as you walked back to your office. You were caught on a piece of metal, which ended up ripping into your skin. It unfortunately cut into a significant artery, and you had to go to the emergency room.

After an injury like yours, you should file a claim with the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). This claims process can be complex and complicated, but once a claim is approved, you can rely on the system to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other factors that now affect your case.

How does an FELA claim work?

After you’re hurt, you need to fill out a report about the accident as soon as you can. This is also the time when it’s smart to start working with your attorney, so they can help protect your rights and verify that your claim is being handled correctly.

Next, the railroad will look into the accident. The railroad needs to make sure that your injury happened on the job and as a result of your work.

After this, your attorney will also look into the accident and do an investigation to determine fault. They’ll help show the extent of your injuries to prove your need for benefits.

Finally, all parties involved will talk with one another about a potential settlement of the claim.

There are many steps to this process, but your attorney will be there to help. Our website has more on what to expect if you file a claim through FELA.

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