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How do you initiate a Qui Tam action against your employer?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | False Claims Act Qui Tam

Working for the railroad may be the culmination of a childhood dream or may just be a practical option given your skills and experience. Regardless of how you got into the railroad industry, you may have discovered that your employer engages in some questionable practices.

Railroads receive federal funds for maintenance and repairs. Much like some billing providers who accept Medicaid fraudulently bill the government for services they didn’t provide, some railroad companies will do the same. Such activity is illegal under the False Claims Act.

If you have begun to suspect that your employer may be doing this, bringing Qui Tam proceedings against your employer can be a way to hold them accountable and protect the American taxpayer. What do you have to do to initiate Qui Tam proceedings?

You need support, organization and documentation

In a Qui Tam claim, you initiate legal proceedings against your employer on behalf of the government and are therefore entitled to compensation related to the amount of fraud you uncover. Typically, there is some investigation that occurs before you can move forward with such a suit.

In most cases, it is wise for you to document the issue that makes you concerned about potential billing fraud and then review that documentation with an experienced attorney. Once you have adequate documentation, you can file the initial lawsuit under seal of the court. This means that your employer won’t know about it immediately. The Attorney General or appropriate government representative will review the case and determine if they want to pursue it. Your attorney can provide more specific guidance.

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