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What is the purpose of the Federal Employers Liability Act?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Fela Claims

The Federal Employers Liability Act is important if you’re a railroad employee. FELA is the act that guarantees your coverage in case you are hurt or killed on the job. Unlike in other industries, this is not workers’ compensation. Instead, it is coverage for those who are negligently injured while working for the railroad. 

It is the responsibility of any railroad to provide employees with a safe work environment. If the railroad is negligent and doesn’t provide a safe place to work, then the worker may seek compensation through FELA. FELA allows workers to recover damages far beyond what workers’ compensation would allow in similar situations. 

If you bring a claim under FELA, you do need to show that you were hurt due to negligence. This can be because of your employer’s negligence, an equipment manufacturer’s negligence or another employee’s mistakes. If the employer was somehow irresponsible and negligent in creating a safe place to work, then you’re in a good position to make a claim through FELA. 

With the FELA, the railroad has to:

  • Provide you with a work environment that is safe
  • Provide you with safe equipment and tools
  • Inspect the workplace for hazards
  • Enforce safety regulations and rules
  • Prevent unreasonable work quotas
  • Provide appropriate training and assistance
  • Protect you against harmful, intentional actions by others

If you are hurt at work and you believe your claim falls under FELA, it’s worth talking to your attorney, so you can put together the information needed. If your employer’s negligence is what has led you to suffer injuries, then you deserve support as you make your claim/

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