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What should you do if you’re injured on the railroad?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Fela Claims

Railroad workers often have difficult conditions to battle while they do their job duties. In some cases, these conditions may lead to injuries. When a railroad worker suffers an injury, they must ensure that they take the proper steps. 

Everything that you do after you’re injured may impact your ability to file the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) claim for compensation. Consider these tips as you navigate the period following the incident:

Report the injury right away

You must report your injury to your employer as soon as it happens. If you need emergency care, this might not be done immediately, but you should make sure that you do get the report done. You’ll need to fill out an injury report form. This must be done thoroughly because it could become important in your claim for compensation. Keep a copy of the report for your own records. 

Get medical care promptly

Sometimes, injuries aren’t emergency situations. Even if you don’t think that you suffered a serious or catastrophic injury, you should still seek medical care. This is a way that you can show that the injury was work-related. It also provides vital information to back up claims that you make in your case about your injuries and any subsequent limitations.

Document everything you can

Unlike workers’ compensation claims, a FELA claim requires you to show that your employer was somehow negligent and that negligence led to your injuries. Make sure you write down what led to your accident, who might have known about the problems in advance, who witnessed the accident and any other relevant information that might support your claim later.

FELA claims are often complex. It’s typically best to work with someone who’s familiar with the process. An experienced advocate can help protect your rights and your future. 

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