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Try to avoid these mistakes in your FELA claim 

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Fela Claims

Work on the railways is very unique and so is the law around railroad worker employment. Typically, railroad workers are considered federal employees. There are various reasons for this, with one being that railroad workers tend to regularly work across state boundaries. Thus, workers are classified under the Federal Employees Liability Act which also covers claims in the event that they are injured at work. 

While railroad workers can claim compensation for their injuries, this is not guaranteed and there are some common errors that jeopardize proceedings. If you are filing a FELA compensation claim, be sure to avoid the following mistakes. 

Accepting liability

Where a worker has been injured, an employer could be responsible for covering various forms of damages over an extended period. Clearly, this could come at a cost, which they will naturally seek to keep to a minimum.

Although it may sound very “cloak and dagger,” the rail industry does have its own internal police force. They tend to investigate accidents thoroughly, including occasions where employees have been injured. You may feel like you have nothing to hide or feel guilty about, and this may certainly be the case. Nonetheless, in order to ensure that your interests are protected, it is important to keep in mind what you say about the cause of your injuries. 

Being too trusting

You may have worked in the rail industry for many years and never had a problem with your employer before. While being injured does not necessarily have to mean relations turn sour, it will result in the company protecting its own interests. It is important that you adopt the same approach, or you may not get the support you’re entitled to for injuries that have left you incapable of fully working again. 

Railroad workers are entitled to be treated with dignity by having access to compensation when injured on the job. Exploring your legal options will ensure that you have access to the best available protection.    

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