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Railroad workers’ injuries: Protecting your rights after an accident

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Railroad Injuries

Railroad workers face numerous occupational hazards on a daily basis, which makes their occupation one of the most dangerous. The chances of something going wrong are always high despite the safety measures present in the workplace. 

Some common injuries railroad workers suffer from accidents include broken bones, burns, electrocution and head injuries. However, it is possible to recover compensation under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), a federal law that protects and compensates railroad workers injured at work. Here is what you need to do after suffering an injury to protect your FELA claim.

Seek medical treatment

It is advisable to seek medical attention when you suffer an accident for your well-being and for official documentation of your injuries. A doctor’s report can be used to ascertain the extent and nature of your injuries which is useful when assessing your claim.

Report the accident promptly

Fill out an injury report as soon as you suffer a workplace injury and remember to keep a copy for yourself. Informing your employer of the accident will rule out the possibility of claims that your injuries occurred elsewhere, outside your employment.

Document your accident

If there were unsafe conditions that you had to work under, you need to have that on record. It could provide invaluable information to your claim. In addition, it may be worthwhile to get statements from any eyewitnesses who can back your version of events to avoid any back and forth with insurance companies over the circumstances that led to your injuries.

Learn more about your rights

A FELA claim is not like a regular workers’ compensation case. Proving fault is a big part of such claims, and you need to know what to show so that your claim can be successful.

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