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What PPE can help railroad workers?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2022 | Railroad Injuries

Many workers are kept safe by the personal protection equipment, or PPE, that their employers give them. For instance, construction workers are often required to have hard hats in case they’re struck by items falling from above.

As a railroad worker, you know that you have a high risk of injury, as well. What types of PPE do you need to stay safe?

A high-visibility vest

Every workplace requires different types of PPE, but high visibility clothing is almost universally beneficial. A lot of injuries happen because workers simply aren’t seen, either by other people on the site or by their own co-workers. A simple hi-vis vest may help to prevent a worker from being struck, pinned or injured in some other way.

Protective eyewear

Workers also often need to wear protective eyewear so that they don’t get struck by stones or other items that might be flying up along the track. In some cases, workers need to have prescription eyewear so that they can still see perfectly well on the job.

Proper boots or shoes

Exactly what type of boots or shoes a worker needs depends on the job they’re doing, but these do need to be of very high quality. The right boots can prevent a worker from slipping and suffering serious injuries in a fall. Steel-toed boots can also prevent broken toes or even some crush injuries.

Were you not given the right equipment?

These are just a few examples of types of equipment that you should be provided with by your employer in order to work safely. If you were injured, especially if you were never given the right equipment, consider your legal options carefully.


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