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Whistleblowing tips for railroad workers

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The railroad industry provides income for many Americans. However, some companies in the industry violate safety and security rights. Workers in such companies are highly susceptible to injuries and illnesses. Besides not protecting employees, these companies may also abuse government funds.

If you are an employee in a company that behaves as so, you should report any issue you notice to law enforcement, especially when an internal solution is not implemented. The Federal Railroad Safety Act (FRSA) will protect you from retaliation.

However, it will be best to approach the situation with a few tactics. Here are some whistleblowing tips for railroad workers:

Follow the company’s policy

Upon whistleblowing to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), your employer may defend themselves by stating they were unaware of the issue. For this reason, you should follow the company’s whistleblowing policy. Go through the required reporting channels. That way, you cannot be accused of violating company policy and disciplined for it.

Write down your concerns

It will help if you can present your concerns to the respective internal team in writing in addition to any verbal report you make. You can use a letter or email. Keep these records as they may later be used as evidence if you need to take additional action. 

Report to the Federal Railroad Administration

The FRA provides whistleblowers with an alleged violation reporting form. If your employer does not apply any internal solution, consider using this form. Fill it out correctly and provide a thorough description of the alleged violation for the authorities to act sooner. Your submission will be anonymous unless you choose to provide the administration with your contact details. The FRA can keep you updated when they have your contact information.

Whistleblowing in the railroad industry significantly protects employees and the public. If your employer retaliates against you after whistleblowing, you should get experienced legal help to protect your rights.   

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