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Types of railway jobs that have protection under FELA

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The Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) safeguards railway workers across the United States. This act provides monetary help if someone gets hurt while on duty.

FELA covers a wide range of employees operating within the railway industry, ensuring they are eligible to receive compensation if they wind up with an injury due to the nature of their positions.

Train crewmembers

Engineers and conductors are among the most recognized groups that have protection under FELA. These individuals face various hazards, including potential train collisions and crush injuries from coupling cars. FELA recognizes the dangers they must endure and gives a framework for seeking restitution in the event of an accident.

Maintenance workers

Responsible for the upkeep and repair of railway tracks and infrastructure, maintenance staff members also enjoy the security of FELA. Day in and day out, they toil in environments that expose them to severe hazards, such as heavy machinery and the risk of electrocution. FELA ensures medical coverage if an on-site incident puts one in the hospital.


Railways depend on the skills of those who install, maintain and fix railway signal systems. The potential for high-altitude falls remains a serious concern. FELA acknowledges the peril inherent in their responsibilities and thus covers them.


A yardmaster oversees the operations within rail yards, including the assembly of trains and management of rail traffic. Although managerial, the job involves proximity to moving trains and many other hazardous conditions.

Onboard service personnel

Those working in dining, sleeping and baggage cars might not face the same jeopardy as those in direct rail operations, but they still toil in a moving train environment. FELA recognizes that these staffers can also suffer harm relating to their employment.


FELA provides a safety net for a broad spectrum of railway laborers. Thanks to it, contributors to the operation of train systems should never end up in a ruinous financial bind because of a railway disaster.

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