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Workplace negligence resulted in injuries, railroad worker claims

Workplace safety advocates in Connecticut may be interested to learn that a utility worker filed a lawsuit on April 26 against a railroad corporation after she suffered injuries. According to the complaint, the worker's injuries resulted from negligence by failing to provide the company's employees with a reasonably safe place to work under the Federal Employer's Liability Act.

Should New Yorkers worry about MTA derailments?

Some people in New York worry about the potential for their subway cars to derail when they go on elevated tracks. In the city, approximately 33 percent of the subway stops are located on elevated tracks. While it is possible for metro cars to derail, it is less likely than for trains that run on the ground.

Supreme Court to hear FELA case

Workers in Connecticut may be interested in learning that the United States Supreme Court has added to its docket for next term a case that partly pertains to the Federal Employees Liability Act, or FELA. The issue that has to be decided in the case is whether the payments made by a railway company, which was mandated by the court to pay an employee for time taken away from work, are to be assessed employment taxes according to the Railroad Retirement Tax Act, or RRTA.

Union Pacific the top railroad for employee safety

Anyone in Connecticut who works on railroads should know which company is the safest. According to data from the Federal Railroad Administration, it appears that Union Pacific is the safest of the seven U.S. Class 1 railroads. In fact, Union Pacific has been considered the top railroad for employee safety for three years in a row.

Investigation concludes Amtrak sped through work zone

In April 2016, people across Connecticut and the United State were shocked when an Amtrak train traveling at high speeds southbound in Philadelphia slammed into construction equipment on the tracks, leaving two track workers dead and more than 39 people wounded. The National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, recommended that Amtrak needed to slow its trains down when traveling past construction zones. The passenger train service reportedly failed to heed the advice and didn't respond to the safety recommendations.

About FELA

The Federal Employers Liability Act is legislation rail employees in Connecticut and the rest of nation can used to recover financial damages from their employer for injuries that occur in the workplace. It takes precedence over state laws and requires that the injured party prove that the employer was negligent. The legislation also requires that any financial settlements that are awarded be reduced in proportion to the employee's failure to adhere to workplace safety policies.

What to know about FELA claims

Railroad workers in Connecticut and throughout the country are generally covered by FELA if they are injured on the job. As soon as possible after the injury occurs, a worker should report it to an employer. The employer will then ask the injured employee to fill out an accident report. In addition to notifying the railroad company about the accident, the victim should contact an attorney.

Court combines worker injury lawsuits against railroad companies

A former railroad mechanic and machinist from New York has become the lead plaintiff in a case against CSX Transportation, Inc. and Consolidated Rail Corporation. The Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas chose to combine two separate lawsuits from railroad workers alleging that unsafe work environments at the companies caused their workplace injuries.

How to file a proper FELA claim

Railroad workers in Connecticut and around the country are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act. When an injury occurs, employees should make a report and seek treatment in a timely manner. Ideally, the report will be filled out as accurately as possible and to the extent that an individual's injuries allows that person to. As part of the treatment process, workers should see their own doctor after being seen by hospital or other emergency medical staff.

4 sent to the hospital following railroad train collision

New York railroad workers may have heard that on March 18, four people were taken to a hospital in Kentucky after a two-train collision occurred. The two trains were traveling just north of Lexington when they collided with each other at about 11 p.m., causing both locomotives and 13 train cars to derail and catch fire.

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